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Cosmic Indigenous

by Marc Cary Focus Trio & Friends

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John Cratchley
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John Cratchley Marc Cary has paid his dues.He has made great albums for years (for Downbeat to call him "rising star" of 2014 seems kind of weird...his star has risen for years!)
Anyway,this ensemble is an amalgam of two of his band projects and it is a beautiful workout. I'm a big fan of the Fender Rhodes and Marc delivers here.
It is a fusion (not a dirty word in my vocabulary) of Jazz,African and Indian sensibilities and works really well.
The album has that warm feel you used to get from Impulse! albums of the '70's and there is some stellar trumpet playing too...
It's kind of a cool (vibe) and hot (delivery) all at the same time.

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thejazzcyclist Amazing fusion of jazz and world from this incredible band - really digging "The Procession" at the moment and will be featuring this on my Radio Adelaide jazz shows
The Giver 08:11
Star Child 06:17


Indigenous People is a group I started along with Tarus Mateen and Yarborough Charles Laws in 1998. We recorded several records in the span of 6 years.

In 2010, I decided to explore these same concepts with Focus Trio, which were started by Indigenous People, and became Cosmic Indigenous.

We brought some of our favorite musical contributors into the fold, to appear on this album and accomplish the sound rooted from Indigenous People.

Almost all of these songs are rooted in the concept of North Indian classical raga music, but with the melodic voice of Awa Sangho from Mali singing traditional Malian desert melodies that appear in both cultures in the same tonal set.


released June 1, 2019

Marc Cary Focus Trio and Friends – Cosmic Indigenous

Featuring Igmar Thomas
With special guest Awa Sango

12 Stories (For Moseka) 4:11
The Procession 7:25
Running Out Of Time 4:32
The Giver 8:11
When It Happens 4:12
Igrejinha (Little Church) 5:35
Sound Portals 8:47
Starchild 6:18
Free The Spirit 9:19


12 Stories (For Moseka) Written by Marc Cary (BMI), Marc Cary (piano), Burniss Earl Travis II (bass), Sameer Gupta (drums and tabla)

The Procession Written by Mrc Cary (BMI) and Sameer Gupta
Marc Cary (piano), Burniss Earl Travis II (bass), Sameer Gupta (drums and tabla) , Igmar thomas

Running Out Of Time Written by Marc Cary.

The Giver Written by Marc Cary (BMI) and Awa Sangho
Awa Sangho (Vocals), Igmar Thomas (trumpet), Marc Cary (Keyboards and Synthesizers), Daniel Moreno (Percussion), Sameer Gupta (Tabla and Drums), Rashaan Carter (Bass), Arun Ramamurthy (Violin)

When It Happens Written by Marc Cary and Sharrif Simmons
Marc Cary (keyboards), Sharrif Simmons (Vocals), Sameer Gupta (drums and tabla), Burniss Earl Travis II (bass), Ron Sutton (sax)

Igrejinha (Little Church) written by Hermeto Pasqoal.
Marc Cary (synthesizers and keyboards), Igmar Thomas (trumpet), Tarus Mateen (bass), Burniss Earl Travis II (bass), Sameer Gupta (drums)

Sound Portals written by Marc Cary (BMI)
Marc Cary (synthesizers and keyboards), Aurelien Budynek (guitar), Burniss Earl Travis II (bass), Ron Sutton (sax), Sameer Gupta (drums and tabla), Arun Ramamurthy (violin), Daniel Moreno (percussion), Igmar Thomas (trumpet)

Starchild Written by Marc Cary and Daniel Moreno.
Marc Cary (keyboards, synthesizer and programming), Daniel Moreno (percussion)

Free The Spirit Written by Marc Cary (BMI) and Awa Sangho
Awa Sango (vocals), Igmar Thomas (trumpet), Marc Cary (keyboards and synthesizers), Daniel Moreno (percussion), Sameer Gupta (tabla and drums), Rashaan Carter (bass), Arun Ramamurthy (violin), Aurelien Budynek

Recorded at Eastside Sound, December 2011


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Marc Cary New York, New York

Electro-Acoustic keyboard wizard Marc Cary (#1 Rising Keyboardist in DownBeat’s 2014 Critics Poll).

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